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Having moved from the Santa Barbara area of the California coastline in 2019, and currently living on the southwest coast of the UK. Living in the small seaside town of Torquay, Chris France’s journey started farther up north in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Born November 29th in 1958 to an unwed mother. Chris and his Mum lived in various residents and in doubtful situations.

Eventually ending up in South Queensferry, Scotland, just up from Edinburgh, till he was 3 years old.

Read about the incredible story – “The Spiritual River”. A journey of years of suffering. Of fighting, pain, and sorrow!

Though 40 years of hopeless and merciless addiction, alcoholism, and mental health trouble, Chris narrates his life along the path of destruction and loss.

Resigned to a living his life destroyed by addiction, he found himself beyond help, and without any hope.

Then one day an amazing event took place. It changed everything. An entire past, changed in a heartbeat!

Please join us as Chris tells and shows us the true-life story of his unbelievable and incredible experience of becoming a 40-year addiction survivor.
Today with over 13 years of living free from its insidious and destructive grip.

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